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For me Sakura is better than Hinata in almost every aspects. I'm not gonna bash her or anything, altought I would like to express why I like Sakura over Hinata :)

Sakura is not evil or a cruel bitch : she is tsundere, hot-tempered and determined, what Hinata is not, because she actually is transforming into a Mary-Sue, which is worster. So Kushina is also evil because she hit her own son ?

Truth to be told, Sakura has shown caring towards more than one person, even for strangers, in part 1 and on part 2 too.………………

Even in RTN manga chapter.
While Sakura was tryng to protect Lee Hinata instead was preocuped later with Naruto's half naked body.
I would bet she has much bigger heart (or in order to be fair the same level), than Hinata has.

Sakura envies Hinata cuz she has big chest, i.e. in terms of size aspects.
Tenten and Ino envies Sakura because she became Tsunade's pupil and for her skills.
According to narutofacts, Hinata hates that she is not assertive/selfish in/on anything.
And Sakura hates being a burden/useless.

So Hinata wants to achieve a negative treat, while Sakura a positive one ? - OK, Hinata also wanted to overcome her shyness and insecurity, but with the earlier wish she seems to wanting to become like early part1 Sakura.

She is a liar : Kishimoto said hefelt like depicting a honest girl, with a stubborn impression during the confession. Try to look at the positive side of this : she wanted to lessen the burden which Naruto bears. She just wanted the better for him, she even said it in chp. 470. She is a liar in terms that she said she does'nt care about Sasuke anymore.

If Sakura is a liar, so is Hinata :…

True, that unlike Sakura, Hinata saw the good in Naruto and admired him. But, she had'nt done anything in order to support him at that time. So, IMO, those things are meaningless then.
At the first time Sakura started to like/respect Naruto she was shown to be supporting him. Or trying at least. Yamato pointed out that the important is how strong feelings you have towards that person and that you help him/her.

Also, I don't like Hinata's charcter is revolving almost everytime Naruto. It's not because I don't like Naruhina, is just a bit annoying and flat to me, despite she was shown 1-2 times to have some other moments too.
Sakura's main flaw is her over-criticalism towards herself, IMO.

I really think Hinata made her usefull in the latest chapter, but, when she started to analyze how Naruto's hands are, it was comment.

Well, that's my opinion =P. Have a good day ! ;)
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NaruHina became canon.

What you will do now all the Hinata or NaruHina bashing drawings?
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